Wednesday, 6 January 2016

hello stranger!

...and yes, it has been said that there's none stranger than me. 

They lie. I am not in the slightest bit strange, 

Right, quick update.

Honestly - I've just been too busy with work and "stuff" to be writing blog posts as well.... and if I really honest... not sure I've had a fat lot to share, or more importantly that I wanted to share publicly. 

So, a Not a New Years Resolution to to try and share something...    this is because one of my goals is to shoehorn in some creative time.  I miss my creative time and making those cards for the 12 Designer of Christmas event really made me realise just how much I neeed it. 

I'm currently working on finishing up my December Daily Album - yes... I did record stuff every day, just need to get it in the album now.  (I'm actually using the kit I purchased for 2014!)

The way I approached December Daily has made me want to make a more concerted effort with my "documenting life" album - project life type thingy.  I don't use Project Life cards - or albums so it isn't. Does that make sense?    

This year I'm scaling it down a wee bit and using a 9x12 album (and YES, I did get them in to the shop for that very reason!) I've gone for a nice muted grey one.  I love it.  

What else... 

I'm taking part in One Little Word this year.  As in I've signed up to the class and I'm already in full swing with my word.  Which is.... 

My daily reminder to keep going in the area's I want to Focus on is this little quote. 

I found a very colourful version on Pinterest, which was nice, but didn't make it clear so I created this white on black version.  

The font should you like it, is a free one - Remington Noiseless.  I've download a couple of typewriter ones recently but so far this one wins.  RMTypewriter being in second place. 

Anyway, this is now a 3x4 card in my album and I intend to print out a larger version to put on my wall by my desk. 

Finally, as an additional bid to getting my creative juices flowing, I've picked up my sketch book and started to doodle again. Currently trying to improve my faces... evidence as seen on my Instagram account... 

It was also an excuse to play with some new to me pens. 
 I'm thinking about stocking them in the shop.

OK - that's my quick hello to you & 2016, with a pinch of fingers crossed I'll be back sooner rather than later !

If you're reading, please say hello! 
or not.  
Your call.  
Be nice to know I'm not just talking to the wall though.... 
Normal really. lol. 

Until next time

Happy creating!


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