Tuesday, 20 March 2012

stars, stripes and circles



A work in progress, but I thought I’d share it all the same.  This one is using off cuts and chopped up tags to create of focal point.  The background was painted in with dabbers in aqua, pool and stream.

stars& circles

It still needs some work on it, but I’m waiting for that inspiration to strike. Maybe I’ll crack out the inktense pencils for it.


Monday, 19 March 2012

new beginnings



I’m not quite sure why, but last week I decided that I “needed” to start a new journal, and while having a tidy up (and I use that term loosely) I found a moleskine sketchbook. Perfect as I want this journal to just be double pages.


I’ve set to work in it already and have a bunch of pages that are all very different from each other.  One of them I’m already not to seen on, but hey, I wanted to try something, and I did, and now I know not to try it again.



Recently on UKStampers, a question was asked in the Art Journalling forum – “what gets a page started”. I had to think about it as often I don’t think about it. It can be as simple as what’s to hand.  Having had a bit of a tidy up has probably been a huge contribution to my sudden burst of creativity as now everything is to hand. All my paint, ink sprays, mediums, pencils…oh the joy. The page above was partly down to that.  The pink (Liquitex HB in Medium Magenta) is my current colour obsession, evidenced by the fact I have just ordered a pair of magenta nubuck ballet shoes from French Sole (another addiction I have). But that’s a different story.


Back to the page, I love magenta, and came across my Gold dabber when tiding them away. I love the metallic dabbers. They look like nothing in the bottles, but they are probably my to date, favourite metallic paints.



If you’re going to use your favourite colour, why not your favourite stamp? Simple page, full of favourites. I love this little girl from Stampotique and she works great as a repeated image.


Other occasions, it’s something I want to say that brings about a page. On this one, I wanted to express how the days just seem to running into the nights at the moment.  That good ole perennial struggle for more hours in the day please. So, I did a sun in the place of the moon.  The sun was done with Liquitex HB Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Cadmium Orange and Red Pepper Paint Dabber, the sky with Jenni Bowlin’s Spice Tin dabber (It makes a great night sky colour). The whole page was then spritzed with Perfect Pearl Mist in Perfect Pearl, just to give it a starry shimmer without the pain of creating stars.


I’m going to get back to some creativity now, but don’t forget to check out UKScrappers Art Journey where this week I’m looking at bring texture into your pages.


Thanks for stopping by!