Friday, 4 December 2015

12 designers, my turn...

Hello again! 

Its my turn as the 2nd (sporadic) designer for 12 Designers of Christmas, over on the store blog! 

I've made some simple but beautiful white Christmas cards. 

Pop over and take a look and remember there are prizes to be win for those that comment! 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

12 Designers...

hello there!

I know... VEEEEEEERY long time no blog action.

Reason... to be honest, because I haven't had a lot to say or share.  For a long time all my energies have been thrown into the shop.

HOWEVER.... you will be pleased to know that I AM taking part in "12 Designers of Christmas" over on the shop blog.

If you already follow the blog you will know what an incredibly talented team we have, and they, along with a smattering of guests and little old me, will be sharing lots of inspiration with you over the run up to Christmas,

So make a date in your diary, follow the blog or our facebook page to find out who and what as we work our way through December!