Thursday, 25 June 2009

An Inch of Green

My latest Inchies for the UKS Inchie swap. June's colour is green (you might guess that), so I've done grass with a tiny hand cut butterfly - I hope that's what it looks like anyway. They have been made a few days now and I really must get them posted today before Tracy shouts at me.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bad 365'er...

I'm very proud to have lasted this long with this project, but in the last couple of weeks I have, for one reason and another, let things slide. I promised myself that things would return to normal (soon) and I hope that's still the case but at the moment I haven't quite got the energy and other things, namely the kids need me more. Either way, I have still taken some photo's so thought I really should make the effort to share them with you.
The first photo (above) was taken on Monday of Jamie & Rosie looking for a tiny spider we spotted on the lawn.
Below - new stash! Phwoar.... hey can you smell those thickers? LOL. I love the new small ones "Rockabye". I'm hoping this little lot will kick start my scrapping as well.
And finally some new Jenni Bowlin goodies. I loved the smiley face tickets when I saw them and immediately thought of the photo of Rosie mid tantrum for the sad face ticket.

I hope to be back soon but I have a lot going on at the moment so don't abandon me just yet!

Thanks for looking, I really do appreciate you visiting me and leaving comments.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

365 #168

It's that time of month again and a little box of sunshine has been delivered to my door. As with any kit you run the risk of there being things in that you really don't like and would never use. So sitting stroking everything I decided to showcase the things in this months kit that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. They are also things that I may never use as I am guilty of that as well - liking them too much...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

365 #167

Today has been interesting. Having been at nursery this morning, and having had a nap for an hour and a half, Rosie has spent most of the remaining time reminding me that she is now two and is fully into the terrible two's. Tantrums galore today. You may think I'm a terrible Mother for whipping out the camera, but when it's been the main part of my day - how could I not record it. One things for sure, she should sleep well tonight. Poor tike must be exhausted by now.

Monday, 15 June 2009

365 #166

Raindrops keep falling on my head.....

I've actually made a start on this weeks module for PwL The Sequel, helped by the fact that we had a great thunder storm this afternoon. I thought I'd share this photo with you my photo of the day.

Friday, 12 June 2009

365 - the missing days

For reasons known only to myself I have missed a few days for 365. Stress does strange things to a woman - or in this case me. So this afternoon I have gone round taking photo's of things that made me smile for their colour to help make up for it. I've taken them in the spirit of Shimelle's Month of Colour. I hope you enjoy them.

Free Class

I know I have been absent again, but I thought you may like to know about this free class being run by Jessica Spague.

I have only ever done one of her classes before - another free one - Stories in Hand. Although completely different to this, it should be excellent if that one was anything to go by.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

365 #155

Last year I managed to start doing some work in the garden, mainly hacking back and removing some very overgrown shrubs, of which I am not a fan anyway. Whilst doing that in a dark corner by the shed I found a very sad looking fern, I'm pleased to say that it's come back this year with a bit of va va voom and is starting to look rather splendid.

365 #154

This unassuming pile of wood will be turned into a climbing/play centre for the kids. That is if we get round it putting it together. So far it's all on the lawn, neatly ordered so we can see what each piece is. It should be great, it has a den, climbing wall, slide and cargo net.

Blog Candy...

Oooh look what Jennie has over on her blog, The Artistic Stamper !
I am not one for doing blog candy posts - not sure why it's just something I don't do, but this looks too scrummy to not post about. Pop over and have a look for yourself!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

365 #153

I just can't resist a nice looking cup cake. This one is raspberry and white chocolate.

Mama Mia....

It's that time again - posting day for the Dancing Queens CJ. You already know the song I picked "Does your Mother know", and now - here is a sneak peek. I can't show you the whole thing as it will give away what I have done.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

365 #152

An early morning wonder around the garden in peace and quiet before the rest of the house wakes up. The sun was still nice and low and I was on the hunt for some shots for PwL the Sequel. I really love how crisp this shadow was against the fence.

365 #151

After a fun drive down to pick up Chris car we all got back home with an itch to drive somewhere in it, so I suggested Whitby as it's a lovely road to take the car on. The way there was slow - lots of caravans, but once we got there the kids had a great time for a couple of hours on the beach. And yes, Rosie always wears her sunglasses like that! Jamie is a great task master, while he was deciding how to build his sand castle he sent Rosie to fetch pebbles for it, which she duly did.
After a lovely fish and chip supper we drove back home and the roads were much quieter which gave Chris a chance to really try the car out. It didn't disappoint.

365 #150

Friday morning the post for once came early. It's been a stressful week trying to get everything sorted out so that Chris can pick up his new car. This document - his amended insurance certificate is the final piece and I can't tell you what a relief it was to see land on the mat. So - a (not so) quick trip down to Sheffield was in order so we could get it taxed ready to pick up! Hurrah!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I know, I'm behind on my 365 photo's but I've been busy sorting out other things that updating my blog is the last "to do" on my to do list, and now I have a few days to catch up on it's becoming a bigger item. New cars, running up and down to Sheffield, going to the seaside, the garden centre and, well life can just get in the way sometimes.

Anyhoo, enough of that, have you seen the new class from Shimelle? Just something else to my already currently chaotic days... A month of colour. Sounds great. I'm already thinking mini book for this. I mean it's not like I don't have three mini book projects to get done as it is. I get bored and am easily distracted so go where my heart tells me to for the time being.