Thursday, 10 January 2013

sticky fingers...

While we've been having our loft converted the whole house has been in total chaos.  Part of that chaos has meant that I have been unable to get to my desk and supplies.  Mainly because most of my "regular" supplies have been piled up on my desk and what has felt like everything else in the house has been piled up in front of it! Everything has had to be re-homed to make way for the builders and to store the new bathroom.  

Slowly but surely the house is getting back to normal. 
 I spent most of yesterday clearing my desk.
 I spent today catching up on some Collabor-ART projects!  

I'm taking part in a Purley Collaged Postcards piece.  We each create two 5"x7" postcards, backgrounds only. They are then posted to the next person on the list (Nigel in my case).  Once you receive your postcards you get to work finishing them off. If I'm honest that part worries and excites me! Your finished postcards get sent, at the whim of Royal Mail and the elements, to the next two people on the list. 

Above is my first background. Both have been created using scraps of papers.  I've tried to create something that will lend itself to the next layer.  

What I love is how different they will look depending on which way you work with them for the next layer. 

I've also started working on my other Collabor-ART project. Palma's journal. Yay!  It's sitting drying at the moment so pictures will have to be along at a later date, but here's the evidence! 

It feels so good to be creating again!

Friday, 4 January 2013

this looks familiar....

maybe because it me anyway. 

February's issue of Craft Stamper is on sale today,and I have an article in it BUT I made the front cover as well.  That's mine on the left at the top!  When I saw the cover the other day I nearly wet myself with excitement.  Front cover!!!  Me!!   

I can't wait to see it in real life.  Hope I don't actually wet myself when I do. 
 Could be a tad embarrassing....