Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Oooh, goodies...

Thought I'd share a few bits of stash that have arrived today.

My craft to do list has grown and I found some papers to inspire me as on my list is a mini book of Jamie & Rosie. Each month I've been taking photo's of them as a record of the year. I think it's something I'll keep up (poor kids). So, the plan is to have everything all ready to use and in a bag so when I get the urge I can just get on with it. Fingers crossed the plan works.

First up - American Crafts "Junior". Its all double sided, and handily plain on the reverse side, but I just love the glazed papers they have now. The orange sheet is plain orange with glazed spots. Let me tell you, it's beautiful in real life. In with this lot is a little something for my JYC - a sheet of the glittered cardstock in leaf. It is so heavy. I'm not a glitter girl but I may be getting more of this.

I don't know about to you, but I always used to be a Bazzill only cardstock girl, but then I tried AC cardstock as it was cheaper and I was on a stash diet and I have grown to love it. And this is my new addition - a swatch book.

And of course, if you're buying AC - then you have to have (yet more) Thickers. This time "Delight" mini fabric ones.

Next - Jillibean Soup "Sugar". A range of papers that are spotty one side and checked the other. Fab basics to have in your stash mountain.

Phew, that's it. Didn't look much in the box, but this feel like a long post. I'm waiting for two more stash orders come as well. The October Monster Mash kit from Indigo Mill and most of the October Afternoon Report Card collection. Guess what that will be used for!
Thanks for dropping by!

365 returns...

Sort of.... I've still been taking some photo's but not necessarily for each day. Life is rather more hectic than normal and the photographs had taken a very undeserved back seat, but here are a couple of Autumnal shots from my garden to share with you.

And here is a new tool in my house. Something to help me keep track and at least feel more organised. Our family planner. I just love it. A column each and two spares, one for "other" things which I use to note birthdays etc, and one I use as a meal planner for the week. The planner started in September and runs until next December. Did I mention I love it !

Not much to share for such a long absence I know, but I will be back! Promise.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Blog Candy celebrations....

BLOG CANDY, ya gotta love it right!
This candy comes from Indigo Mill to celebrate the new shop website!

In addition to the candy why not take part in the September Challenge set by Nicola, entries to be submitted by 5th October, and there is a prize. So, why not take a pop across The Mill Pond and join in, while you're at it, have you seen the October kit sneak peeks. It's all looking very good.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Rainforest SOS

It's not often I stand on my soap box, but having a blog I think sometimes can help spread the word. I've just signed up as a supporter of The Prince’s Rainforests Project and added my voice to the many calling for urgent action to fight climate change by addressing rainforest destruction. If you have a moment, will you join me?

Sign up now to put rainforests at the heart of the climate change debate:

The number of signatories will be shared with The Prince's Rainforests Project's partnership of governments, businesses and non-profits in December at the time of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, where the next global climate change agreement will be determined.
Sign up and help create a climate for change. Adding your name costs nothing, but without it, deforestation might just cost us the Earth.

Thank you.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm not easily led but....

I wouldn't describe myself as someone who is easily led, but when I saw Beks latest delivery on her blog, I had to go shopping for some Bella BLVD, and after having ordered it yesterday afternoon from ATDML it arrived this morning. A few papers from Camped Out and Super Stud, with some family tree for good luck.... While I was there a pack of Scenic Route background papers sort of "fell" into my basket. I love these for easy journalling!
That's it. I declare myself on a stash diet, that does of course exclude essentials..LOL.

Blog awards!!

I'm such a bad blogger at the moment. I've not been posting my 365, done anything crafty or even "kept up" with LSNED and yet I have received two blog awards in the last couple of weeks.

So a very big thanks to Chell and to Sarah for these awards. Please go and take a nosey around their blogs if you don't already know them, maybe even follow them if you don't already.

Now, I'm not very good at passing awards on. Terrible in fact. It's not because I can't be bothered, but more that so many of you write such fabulous blogs. How am I supposed to send it on to 3 or 5 of you? I follow countless blogs and read many many more without being a follower, so it seems only right that you all have the award! I know I love to be singled out for these awards and how great it makes me feel that someone likes my blog that much, but this time I just can't do it. Enjoy your award and thank you so much for stopping by my little place in cyber space.

A little bit of learning....

Here we are the 17th September and I've only managed to scrap two and a half pages for LSNED. The half page is one that just needs a photo attaching to it. I've been making notes each day so that I can scrap them later. I'm hoping tomorrow may be a "later" session.

In the meantime, with a photo free post, I thought I'd share what I have learnt from the 2nd to the 10th of this month.
2nd September
I can only be pushed so far before I snap!
This is something I am aware of, but on the 2nd of September, I was pushed to my limit.

3rd September
It's best to take your knickers off first!
Rosie decided today was the day to start using the toilet - hurrah!!
4th September
Perseverance has it's rewards.
5th September
Some things you should never forget to do.
Today I forgot to do my light therapy and oh boy - did I suffer as a result.

6th September
Getting organised is hard work.
7th September
I need to know whats on before it's too late!
Missing out on tickets for shows we would have loved to have seen.
8th September
Time goes too quickly
9th September
It's good to see them grow and not as hard as I thought it would be.
Jamie's first day at school.
10th September
It feels good to get ahead.

Monday, 14 September 2009

More Christmas prep....

Yep, more Christmas prep - all for Journal Your Christmas of course, although we have done more Christmas shopping over the weekend. I've just made my first order from the states with this set from Shabby Chic Crafts. Hope I've done everything i needed to and they arrive OK. Can't wait to see them in the flesh!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

365: 255 The Tour of Britain 2009!

Today the Tour Of Britain 2009 started with stage 1 coming literally past the end of our road. They went by so fast it was amazing. 100 riders started and finished today, travelling 107 miles from Scunthorpe to York. It was something else to see, even if it was over in a few moments.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

09/09/2009 at 09:00 = 365 #252

A very special day indeed. Jamie starts school. He wasn't too keen on me taking photo's this morning. I think he was suffering from a touch of nerves. Two minutes later after some play dough magic and he was happy for us to leave him at school.

He was full of beans when we picked him up and every other explanation for anything starts with "at my school". He wouldn't time take his uniform off until it was time to get ready for bed. I can only hope this enthusiasm continues. He did let me take some photo's when he got home and this is one of them.

Planning Christmas...

I'll say the "C" word out loud. I'm not proud!! Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping, I have (in my mind) planned out my Christmas cards for this year so that I know what I'm making. I'm keeping simple, a bit of embossing and matting. Just got to get the supplies.

I also have started collecting my supplies for Shimelles Journal Your Christmas class this year. Oohh drool.... some lurvely American Crafts Merrymint. This little selection arrived the other day and it's now in a box marked JYC 2009. I have my album already - American Crafts D-ring 6x12. I did 8.5 x 11 last year, fancied the challenge of a different format and as I've never scrapped 6x12 before I thought why not?!

In addition to getting some JYC supplies together I've also booked tickets to see Humpty Dumpty at York Theatre Royal.

"Humpty sat on a wall then had a fall.

Not much of a plot even by Kaler’s standards - or is it? Let the team that brought you the acclaimed Dick Turpin stretch your imagination to Herculean proportions with a brand new hilarious version of this classic nursery rhyme.

Will the orphaned Humpty find a mother?
Can he protect the tiny Kingdom of Pantoloon from the evil Eggula?
What happens when our Panto Heroes are forced to venture into the real world?
Book now for the panto event The Sunday Times consistently rates one of the top five attractions to see anywhere in the UK during the winter season. "
Sounds good! Well, we think so anyway and judging by the number of tickets sold already, we're not the only ones.
I think that's enough of Christmas for now, especially as it's beautiful and sunny outside. Makes it feel wrong to talk about it.

The things I do....

Another layout about me and the things I do. This one is to record a small habit I have when Chris is away for the night.

The journalling reads:
"The things I do.
When you are not here I stay until up until midnight because I can't go to bed on my own. When I do finally fall asleep I do it on your pillow. I miss you when you're not here."
Thanks for looking!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Seven random facts

It feels like a very long time since I last blogged. I'm on a mission at the moment, firstly to spend less time on the tinterweb...not easy when there are so many wonderful blogs to read. And secondly, I'm also on a bid to become more organised so that when Jamie starts school this week and Rosie is in nursery I can have guilt free time to craft, or just sit with my feet up and read blogs.
The layout above was one I did at my local crop on Saturday. I've probably mentioned before that I've decided it's about time I appeared in my scrapbooks. Having not had kids until my mid/late thirties I have visions of any Grandchildren not having a clue who I am as I will have long since passed away, that's assuming my two, firstly have children and secondly, leave it until the age I did.
So, back to the layout, "Seven Random Facts" and they are:
  • there is a tidy person bursting to get out of me
  • i have my nose pierced
  • never suggest I wear pink if you value your life
  • i love the autumn. It brings woolly tights and long boots to me
  • i can't resist red shoes
  • i'm a qualified reflexologist who hates feet
  • i have never had short hair and probably never will

That's it from me for now. I hope to be back soonish with my LSNED pages, or at least a post to say what I have learnt so far.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

LSNED: 1st September

Lesson Learnt:
Today you reminded me that time together is precious. I needed reminding. We should do this more often.
Yesterday was Rosie's first "full" day at nursery and as Jamie starts school next week he didn't go. Instead we went into York for the afternoon. We had lunch out at Ask (evidenced in the photo I have used for the LO), went present shopping and popped into Starbucks for coffee and cakes. I hassen to add I had coffee, Jamie had a smoothie. I do not want to know the after effects of coffee on a four year old. He was impeccably well behaved and really good company and got an present from the Disney store.

LSNED: Here we go!

Life is just plain old hectic at the moment, added to by Chris still being on crutches, so just what I needed to add into the mix, a new course. That course is Learn Something New Every Day from Shimelle. At least day one has gone smoothly in that the night before I finished my covers - that is I finally put a title onto my book and made a couple of extra pages to go in it and here it is.....

I don't exactly have a kit ready to go, but I do have some "bits". Most things are to hand anyway and I want to keep it simple, so I'm hoping I'll be OK.
I'm off to print out and hopefully scrap my first entry now!