Monday, 24 February 2014

didn’t we have lovely time…


hello!  We’re back from a fabulous week in Rome.

The stresses of day to day life all floated away and feeling refreshed and ready to start again. So now, I’m going to bore you with a few shots from the trip. Some of these will go into my weekly pocket scrapbook album, but then I’ve also decided to create a “holidays” pocket album after a chat with hubby. He said he’d like to be able to just look back at holidays. I now have a list of holidays to work through to include in it.  This will be an ongoing project. Very ongoing!


First stop was the Colosseum. You have to.  This was the first time we’ve taken the kids to Rome, and J is doing a project at school on the ancient Romans. I’d like to stress the holiday wasn’t planned around it (we booked it way back in April), but more perfect timing for him.  I would have like a traditional night shot from the “front” of it, but at the moment it’s decked out with not so attractive scaffolding.  Hard to get a decent shot without building materials in view.

We went back the following day to wonder around The Forum…. the kids got camera happy, mainly wanting pictures of us. So I obliged.


Classy huh?!


We had an apartment this trip so the kids had somewhere to crash out and find peace from each other (and us no doubt). We were on Via delle Carrozze, right by the Spanish Steps. A quiet street with the fabulous Quetzalcoatl chocolatier just two doors down.  Lethal. And where I discovered glace strawberries. Oh. My. I would share a photo, but was too busy eating them and on our last night they had run out so I didn’t get to take a photo. Or get anymore.  Gutted I was. Gutted. We left too early the following day to get any more when they were due in.


…….but here is the view inside if you are 6 years old!

A few more snaps now and I’ll leave it there. I have more to download from my phone yet. It’s going to be hard choosing which go into the weekly album.

My thoughts. If you are wondering about taking younger children to Rome. Do it! Last time we went as a couple and suffered from some quite abrupt service in cafes and stores. This time was the complete opposite experience, and the kids loved it. My little lady got quite sad about leaving, even though she was looking forward to her own bed and the zillion soft toys she wasn’t allowed to take with us.





Friday, 7 February 2014

taking a break....


I know, long long absence from the blog.  I'm hoping to be able to rectify that after half term.. which leads me to this... 

we're spending some, what feels like long overdue fun time with the kids during half term.  Christmas was plagued with flu (for me especially) so it's feeling like forever since we had time to do fun stuff together as a family. Let's face it they won't be this young forever so we've gotta make the most of it while they still want to be seen with us. 

We're also both crazy busy with work, hence my complete blog silence.  Just so much to do! When I get back I'll share some of the pocket scrapbooking I have managed to get done, and I'm hoping to pick up my art journal for some play time as well (hopefully before Easter!) 

In the meantime there is oodles of inspiration going on on the Creative Design team blog for the store, 
and we have guest designer Riikka Kovasin joining us. 
You also still have time to join this months colour challenge. 

Enjoy, and catch ya later!