Wednesday, 22 August 2012



Ah, lampwork beads. Oh how I adore you.

These are my latest beads, not made by me you understand, but from Mangobeads. I’ve always wanted to create my own and I’m lucky enough to have a tutor with a fantastic reputation less than half an hour away, but I resist. Why? Because I know I will be addicted to it. I know myself well enough to know I’ll want all the gear and we have nowhere for me to set up shop. I know I’ll want to spend hours perfecting my idea’s and learning techniques. I love working with silver art clay, but don’t have the time to do that, especially when the kiddiewinks are about, so what chance to I have with molten glass?! None. So for now I will resign myself to swooning and supporting some of the amazingly talented lampwork artists there are out there, and when I have finished ooohing and ahhhhing I’ll even string them so I can wear them.


Monday, 20 August 2012

at last!


Friday evening I got an hour to myself as everyone went out. Just an hour? Yep, just an hour, but it was enough to get another overdue circle journal done and an overdue piece of Mail Art done. It must have sparked something in me as I sat and did the next circle journal as well.  Painterly love at last, and what’s more it’s all winging it way to the recipients courtesy of Royal Mail with one CJ homeward bound early. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself for finally catching up, although not so please for falling behind in the first place. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

just wishing for more time...

I cannot really express how much I love these new stencils from Donna Downey & Prima. More frustrating though is that I have plans for a page, maybe even a canvas using these two designs but it might have to wait until September before I get chance. 

Monday, 6 August 2012


We're back, have been for a few days. I've had enough Disney to last me until I'm 70 now...and no, I'm not 69...far from it.  However adjusting to a Newcastle accent after we landed and stopped for dinner on the way home, after listening to a French one took some doing. I swear the guy in the restaurant thought I was a bit simple LOL. Still got to see the Angel of the North again, if only passing by. 

Since getting back I've been stupid busy catching up with post holiday trauma (aka dirty washing and chores) store orders, admin, arranging deliveries, uploading new stock to the store, and working on some creative projects to be shared at a later date. I'm almost up to date now so fingers crossed I'll get some me play time soon as long as the kids allow it. Not that I'm counting down to when the kids go back to school, or trying to get the Grandparents to have them for a few days during the week..... but really...September.  Wonder how quickly we could move up to Scotland...?