Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Smash away your life


A couple of years ago I came across Ali Edwards Week in Your Life project and thought what a great idea, made easier if you prep in advance for it.  I don’t do the project the same time as Ali’s run’s.  To be honest I do when I remember and think that just maybe I can make the time for it.


So, today I’m starting this years week using a Smash book, and have spent the morning preparing a few pages with ink, paint and stamps and making some tags ready to pop in to it.  Lots to do yet, but I have somewhere to start for todays notes.


Now I just have to keep going!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


fossil handbag

Girls gotta have treats right? Now I just need brown boots…and brown shoes to go with it. Ho-hum.  Anyway – it was a bargain at 40% off rrp. I can justify it.  I can. Honest. No really, I can.  I wanted it. See, justified.

Monday, 5 September 2011



Another page from the journal I took away with me to mark my first experience of Florida rain. Like everything else in America it’s bigger and bolder than in the UK.  The first time I got very soggy shoes, the second time, I took them off and went barefoot, and it was lovely.

I’m not especially fond of the writing, but I sat with a pen and did it and then decided I should have done it differently.  I partly wished I’d taken some small letter stickers with me. Oh well hindsight and all that, again. Tough really, I used what I had and that was what fitted in my pencil case.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lazy pages


I’m fast coming a fan of lazy pages in my art journals.  By that I means ones that take very little doing but I find myself going back again and again to look at them.

This one is from my Florida journal.  The background is super simple – it’s a mop up from another stencil spraying session with a few extra spots on top. The flower centres are made from off cuts of sticky-back canvas that had been sprayed with color wash.  I simple cut them out and plopped them on the page without thinking. See lazy as can be.


The leaves, grass and doodles around the flowers (not that I knew that’s what they’d be when I stuck the circles in) were all drawn with water-soluble pencils and coloured with inktense pencils.  Add journalling and ta-dah.  Finished.  Took me all of ten minutes to drag this one together, but I love it.  Guess that’s what counts in the end.

Right, I’m now off for a lazy dinner.  The man of the house has been slaving over an Indian (meal not person – should you be wondering…) for a couple of hours and I am about to devour it.  Delicious and lazy, for me anyway, not for him though.

still alive…..just

Hello, hello.  Just wanted to let you know that we survived Orlando, the parks, food, heat and the most stunning thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed.  Since we got back I’ve been silly busy with the shop…buckets full of new stock has arrived (in boxes not buckets though ‘cause that would just be silly) and I’m working hard to get it all up loaded.

Whilst away I managed to mumble into 13 pages of my journal and I will share them with you just as soon as I get round to taking pictures of them. I haven’t even viewed our holiday snaps yet! I do at least know where the camera is since unpacking….a week ago. 

Still kids are back at school this week and Rosie finally starts school – hurrah! I’ll miss her company during the day but not her trail of destruction. This means I should get chance to get crafty – once I’ve done all my jobs that is.

Popping off again now – nice to ‘see’ you all again though.  Be back soon…ish.  Promise.