Thursday, 26 April 2012

More dribbles….

You understand that all this dribbling is acrylic ink on my pages.  It’s not actually me dribbling.  I’m not that bad.



A simple painted background for this one then I got out my beloved acrylic ink to doodle and dribble.



In answer to the questions about the page I shared yesterday, the letters are indeed letter stickers.  Old BasicGrey Motifica one’s to be exact.  Now you know how long I have had them! So what are you waiting for, get all your old letter stickers out and create some texture with them.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

now what…?


One of my problem pages. As I mentioned before I’m on a mission to add more texture to my pages, and this is one of them, but I’m stuck again.



I envisaged it being a black and white page when I started.  That alone is rare as I never envisage anything when I start a page. Needless to say I should stick to that as it didn’t work first time around. So it got covered with the trusty gesso. 

Then I added colour. Didn’t like it.

More colour. Yeaaah, that was ok.

Needed more.

More colour.

Now I’ve added black to it. Yes! Like it now.


But what to do next.  Guess for now it will stay as a background waiting for the next round of inspiration to strike.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

loving texture…

I’m on a mission to bring more texture into my pages, along with more dribbles because I love them so.
My journal pages seem to be hitting a roadblock as a result though. I’m getting the textures I want….but then what? I have a few on the go at the moment that are just gathering lots of  layers of gesso as I white wash everything out and start again.  I’m not disheartened though, I’m quite liberated by the whole situation as it’s allowing me to free myself up and settle into my creative style a little more.  These things always take time….and paint, and LOTS of gesso!

Did I mention it’s my turn again on UKS Art Journey? No? Oh, well it is.  This time we’re looking at hiding your journaling in plain sight.

Friday, 13 April 2012

rubber and dribbles…





Finally I didn’t just find time, I made time to play in my journal. It was a page of layer as I started and liked, carried on and hated, got out the gesso and palette knife and covered up most of it.  The more layers I added the more I liked what was being created.


When I was happy I whipped out the rubber stamps as this page didn’t scream “write on me” and I had a nagging feeling that if I did I wouldn’t like it so much any more. 


Tim’s stamp said what I needed it to say as right now I’m working hard to follow some life long dreams. It’s hard work and I have been told that I beat myself up to much when something doesn’t go to plan.  And the little girl, she represents me, as well as being my favourite stamp.  She’s becoming a fond friend in this journal.