Sunday, 31 October 2010


Bugs and diseases have hit our house again and it hasn't made for much fum over half term.  Neither has there been much going on on the crafty painty inky front so a very quick post to share what I have done.

This little lady may well be headed for my mini art journal, but the (cute) couple below are in an altered book I'm working on for the art, heart and healing course over on Willowing.

That's it for now.  Off to light the pumpkin we carved this afternoon!  Happy Halloween !

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What's your current favourite?

I love finding new products to play with.  New to me that is, and it's even better buying them when you get service with a smile.   A couple of months ago I treated myself to some Tim Holtz tissue tape but I really wanted to get my hands on some Japanese masking tape, and here is one set I ordered from Papermash. Yep, I did order more than one set.

I just love it.  It's sheer and silky and is slowly appearing in my art journals and scrapbook pages. I received fantastic service from Lynne at Papermash, so if you're looking for some interesting tapes pop over and give her a visit.  There are some new Christmas tapes in store....

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Another first...

A new page in my journal based on the second project from Art, Heart & Healing.   This one is is my art journal rather than the project we are working on for the course.

I've drawn and hand coloured the little girl and whats more I happen to rather like her.

Monday, 25 October 2010

One wonky eye and a Moustache

Neither of which I have in real life, well, I don't think I do, but here in my self representation (it's not a self portrait as it's not very like me, at all) I do!  What's more I don't much care.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the page for the class and as a result keep pinching Jamie's note book in the evening a doing a few faces. Practice makes perfect, or better at least.

So having completed my first page in my medium sized moleskine, and having done one in my small molkeskin, I decided to have another go but this time in my A4 journal. 

Biggest regret here is adding the necklace but tis done now.  At least she doesn't have a moustache! By miracle of all miracles I even managed to fit the stamped journaling around the hairline without suddenly having to stop or changed what I had planned to say.

 And finally, another play, this time in my sketch pad - or should I call it my experiment pad.  A simple line drawing having a go at doing a different style of face.  I haven't been brave enough to colour her as yet.  Having said that there are a few supplies I want to get my hands on first.

This week it's an altered book, with transfers and whimsey's.  I've been playing in my "experiment pad" for the drawing of the whimsey's but with it being half term it may be a few days before I get the chance to work on the book itself.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

First one...

About two weeks ago I joined and have since sent postcards to the USA, Bahamas, Finland, Russia and new Zealand, but today I received my first postcard. Yay!   It was so nice to see it on top of the pile of post we had delivered. 

This one is made from a photograph taken by the sender and has travelled 4645 miles from Texas.  I won't share every single post card I received - that could be more than a bit dull to you, but forgive me if I share the occasional one.

Willowing along...

Yesterday was the start of free Art of the Heart class over on Willowing.ning (there's a link over on the right if you'd like to join in).  The class runs for four weeks and each week is a different project.  This weeks project is an art journal page - see why I joined!

Part of the class is drawing a representation of yourself on the page.  I have never been much cop at faces, feet yes, faces, no, bodies yes, faces no.  So I had a little play in my mini AJ first and here is the result....

Not bad, but by no means great, but more importantly I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  I'm almost done on the double page spread in my bigger journal, although (don't laugh too loud) I have wonky eyes and a moustache on that one....hmmmmm.  maybe my inner self is trying to tell me something I hadn't realised...I'm wonky or have a facial hair problem.  I've certainly never noticed the latter, and I'm sure Chris would have offered me his shaver if that had been the case, so it must be the former.

So after this expect to see more of "me" on my pages.  I love it because it's yet a different style.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Small and beautiful

I seem to be in the land that migraines forgot but cluster headaches relish at the moment.  With both kids out of the house today I have pretty much slept most of it, but I did have a lucid hour to eat and relax whilst trying to come back to the land of the living before this afternoons school run hit.   While relaxing I decided to have a play in my mini art journal.

The book I'm using is a small moleskine sketchbook which measures 14 x 9 cm.  Its got 80 pages in it apparently, at least half of which have now got paint on them. This is the first page that is now ready to journal on.

I think this could well be one of my favourite pages yet and I thoroughly loved working on a small scale.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Oh Lordy, like life isn’t complicated enough.  I thought I’d use Windows Live Writer for this post as it’s often quicker than using blogger….  not today.  An update is available… Why or why did I just not say “good for you!” and ignore it?  Twenty minutes later and much faffing, I finally get to use it. Oh and MS – I prefer the old version.  Do you think that’s just my age and the increasingly sense of disliking change creeping in, or more of a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it attitude?

Anyhow…. finally to share with you the second page I have completed this week.  This is a sad little page recording how much I hate Sundays now as it’s the day Chris has to pack his bag and get ready for a week away.  Just one of those pages where I had to get it off my chest before it burst (do you feel sorry for me yet?  sniffle)

miss you

Yes, I know my writing ran out of painted lines, but I needed to write and lack of lines wasn’t going to change that. Plus, I don’t care and that is one of the many reasons i have taken to art journaling – it just doesn’t matter.

I also know I’m not the only person who’s beloved works away, and I’m lucky that he’ll be home for two weeks over Christmas, he was home for most of August, and it was great to have all that time as a family.  It was like Sunday morning every day.  Maybe I’ve been spoilt this summer and that’s why it makes it harder now.

Ho-hum, life goes on.  I feel the need for a good cuppa now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The time thief is about again...

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last did a blog post.  Chris has been working away the last couple of weeks and I swear he packed some of the hours from my day in his suitcase before he left.  I'm not doing anything other than being a Mother and a housewife but blimey!  

In the last couple of days though, once the kids have gone to bed I have managed to spend some time slapping a bit of paint down in my art journals.  Shame I've only had chance to take a photo of one though and this is it (rather obviously...)

This page has now been journalled on where the lines have been painted, but it's private journalling so you'll just have to imagine the finished page with my scrawl across it.  The quote is one of the many I've started to collect... "It's never too late to find out who you want to be".

Fingers crossed I'll get chance to scan the second page tomorrow and find the time to pop back and share it with you.