Sunday, 29 January 2012

a little prima sneak of what’s due in store…



new trims



new pins



and papers..


The lurgy is starting to retreat now, and I’m hoping to get back to making a mess in the next few days.  Thank you to all those who sent me get well wishes. It’s much appreciated.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

time out


Image by Karsten Schneider/Science Photo Library

We’ve been hit by the lurgy, so I’m doing my best to keep up with orders from the store and all the forums we sponsor.  Very sorry if I’ve been slow in getting back to you, hopefully normal service will resume shortly and I’ll get back to playing with inks and paints and all the things that make me happy.

Monday, 23 January 2012

playing with colour



This is a new double page in my large molekine note book.  I never used to like pink, but for some reason I love it in my journals.  It seems yellow has crept up on me as well.  So, I’ve spent half an hour today, playing with colour, a quick and simple page with lots of white space. Quite like it.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

DIY Jenni Bowlin style


Alphabet base

As a scrapper, one of my favourite alphabet sticker sheets are the 12x12 Jenni Bowlin ones.  I just love the style of the alphabet, so imagine how chuffed I was when I saw that there are stamps, in the same style! Yay!! Had to, I mean, just had to get them in for the shop.



At the same time as ordering the alphabet set, I had to get these Weekday stamps. So many “record your every waking moment” projects out there, you cannot tell me that these would not be well used and loved.  You can find both sets online in the store now in the Jenni Bowlin Stamps section.



Whilst on the subject of stamps – yes we will be getting the Whisker Monster stamps in from Stampotique.  Our order is already in we’re just waiting to find out when they will be shipping. We have restocks of your favourites and we’re adding some more designs to the range. 


Right then, it’s windy and that means we need a beach walk today. Post office first though for all those scrummy stash orders from you fabulous people!

Friday, 20 January 2012

works in progress

A couple of pages to share, they are both unfinished in that “it’s not done but I’m not sure I know what to do to finish it off" type not done. Although you’ll notice I have already journalled on the first page, so maybe it is done, or maybe I just don’t overly like it. I’ll look at them again soon and it will come to me.  In the meantime, here’s something to freak out the neatest amongst you….
ooooh, who works in a mess like this. ME!!  I do!!! Now do you see why I don’t do WOYWW! Hey-ho, feels quite good to have created though!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012



More sneak from Prima, the new Nature Garden collection.  Genie Stones and Art Tiles. This also make me smile….



Monday, 9 January 2012

UKS Art Journey has begun


After huge interest on UKScrappers, UKS Art Journey was born, a series of weekly classes over the next six month to introduce you to the world of art journalling. There are lots of very talented teachers for the classes.  Each Monday will give you a heads up as to what you’ll need for the class on Wednesday.  Starting off with choosing a journal, or if you prefer, making your own.  Wednesday’s class is from the very talented Sarah Harris (AKA Flo), who will show you how to make your journals.
To celebrate we’re offering 10% off Moleskine Journals until midnight Friday, while stocks last.  If you’re making your own, check out our waxed thread, we have lots of colour available and it’s only 12p a meter.  If you’re only ordering waxed thread we will adjust the postage charges for you.
Happy Journalling!

CHA Winter 2012 - Prima Sneaks!

Prima-Almanac-CHA-Winter-2012         Prima-En-Francais-collection

These make me smile!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012



Oh dear, a month since I posted. A month that has absolutely flown by.  Who said it could be January already…?  I don’t remember agreeing to that.  Not one spot of paint or ink to be seen either – that is not good.

Over Christmas we made a concerted effort to reorder the shop website and make thing easier to find. Some sections were just starting to take on a life of their own as we have expanded our product range so much since launching. It’s taken up a good chunk of Christmas and the New Year to get that done.  I’m waiting for bundles of re-stocks to come in and yet more extensions to the product ranges we have, especially all the new darkroom Door goodies we’ll be stocking.

I’ve signed up for a few classes and prompts this year as well to help get those creative juices flowing, and I will be taking part in producing classes for the UKScrappers Art Journey.  I have lots of things to prepare for that, and I have a Circle Journal which is now overdue! eek.  Luckily the kids go back to school tomorrow so it will give me some peace and quite to finally get on with stuff.  It’s hard to concentrate when you’re constantly hearing “Muuuuuuummmmm………”  My head sinks and I give up and go sort out whatever the current squabble is about and/or threaten to remove toys/x-box play time/remove chocolate privileges. One of them usually does the trick. You’d think I have teenagers, not kids in Infants!

I know it’s annoying to read posts that are apologising for not posting, which in a way this is, but I will be back to normal (I’m not going to try and define that, my head hurts already) soon. For now I must get on with it, so I’ll wish you a slightly belated Happy New Year and hope to bring you something more interesting next week.  In the meantime do stop by UKScrappers and check out all the new classes scheduled for 2012.  It will be a creative year indeedy!