Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Yep, this is a rare one, but I find myself in a blogging mood this week.

 Maybe it's having the kids at home and craving two minutes escape. 
 Bet your bottom I won't be here next week while they are at Grandma's!

I have two desks.
 A paperwork desk and a painty desk. 
So here's a quick shot of how my day starts.

Oh the chocolate wrapper - not from this morning, from last night. 
That bit was clearly happy where is was and didn't want to be consigned to the rubbish bin just yet.  

This one is hanging around for those "bored now" moments. 
I plan to do some bread baking with the kids over the Easter break.  

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

ten minute tuesdays

A quick little catch up on my ten minutes play time projects. 

This week, it's more journal play. 
I've only got as far as a background on this page, but the more I look at it the more I like it. I know (I can hear Dina Wakley over my shoulder....) "Don't get attached to your background, it's just a background!". But the honest fact is I do, and sometime they just stay like that and I do nothing more with them for a very long time. 

 This page has been done super quick with color wash spray and oil pastels, then sealed.
I wasn't sure how the oils would sit over the color wash. I was worried about them smearing, but it was all good in the end.  I've probably banged on about these Sennelier oil pastels before, but I adore them. I really should play with them more. They are the best, like little stick of butter. Worth every penny in my humble opinion. 

Next a quick sketch on another page. 

If I'm honest I'm not sure I should share this. It's been a while since I drew a face. Please forgive me. I clearly need to get back into the habit. Although that makes me sound like I was once someone who was more than half good at it...ha ha, I wish, but I have a go.

This was on a background of mop ups already in my journal, so all I've done is add some extra stencilling using 6x6 Circle Explosion Crafters Workshop stencil. I do love circles! 

That's it, my ten minutes sessions from the last week.  Now I need to round up the kids and drag them out, hopefully for more than ten minutes for they can burn off some energy.  That way I may get another ten minutes later.  I think this face could be my "thing" to work on this week. 

Happy Creating!  
And don't forget to share your ten minutes with me. I'd love to see. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

another ten minutes...

inky doodles

I'm trying to stick to grabbing ten minutes play time a couple of times a week.  This double page is in my A5ish sized moleskine notebook (or large in their language), which I uncovered from a pile of "stuff" where it's been sitting unloved. So I'm going to fill it will ten minute projects. 

That is to say I work on them for ten minutes when passing.  This page has probably taken me about an hour all told., over a week.              

inky doodles

inky doodles

inky doodles, CWT Template

inky doodles

Got any ten minute projects to share?