Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm a little fairy....

The second weekend in January I was privileged enough to go to one of Dyan Reaveley's (AFTH) Fabby Dabby Weekends, and oh it was exactly that. The weekend starts on the Friday evening, but we still had far too much snow and all I heard was that the A59 between York & Harrogate was far from funny, so I gave them a call at the shop and let them know I wasn't going to make Friday, but hell or high water (or even snow) I would be there Saturday morning!

A few people have now asked me what we got up to, so here finally are some of the projects we worked on. They were a mix of media and techniques, from art journal to collage to beeswax with lots of ink and paints and stained fingers.

Don't get me wrong I loved the GoGoGetaway, but this really recharged my batteries and has sent me hurtling back to my arty side - where it all began so many moons ago. So, a very very big thank you to Dyan - woman you are an inspiration! Now I just need time to do all the things I want to do. Starting with creating an Art journal and making Rosie into a fairy (canvas is primed and ready to go).

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kirsticoo said...

These are fabulous - I was going to be coming on the fabby dabby weekend but couldn't manage the dates and probably just as well with the weather the way it was coming for the North of Scotland...x