Friday, 26 February 2010

And now, I have an even bigger shopping list.....

...and this is why!
Now, it's not often I watch QVC, honest, it really isn't, but I spotted a note on Dyan's blog about Sir Tim being on. So I popped and had a look and noticed the "thing of the day" (see I'm not even sure what they call it) was a bucket full of goodies with his new book. So, as one of no doubt hundreds, I ordered it and it came today.
The book came with a mini mister, a pot of perfect pearls, a distress ink pad, rock candy crackle paint and stickles, a blending tool with two pads (as seen in most stores) and two small bottles - one of glossy accents (of which you can never have enough) and one sepia accents. All this for £25 - plus p&p but even so it made it worth while.
Flicking through the books I've seen and tried a number of the techniques, most on his blog but I love just having it to hand for inspiration. The main inspiration at the moment is to spend money (not so good). On the flip side I have tons of Tim's products, such as the fragments, which I had forgotten I'd got until I looked in the book. So I feel inspired to use some on my father-in-laws birthday card, or just play and keep somewhere to look at.
That's it from me for now. We're in the middle of a snow storm here with big fat juicy flakes. Chris is "down south" today so I do hope it doesn't cock up the trains. Either way I fancy a snuggle in front of the fire with the kids and my new book, maybe even a cup of hot chocolate.
Stay warm and thanks for stopping by!


Angie said...

I managed not to buy it but I am alittle sorry now. Nothing like a snuggle with a good book xx

kirsticoo said...

Oooh I was SOOO tempted by the book but I did

lisa said...

Mine arrived today too and I'm so glad I indulged after thinking about it for half the day. The goodies that came with it are worth the cost alone and the book is lovely isn't it. So nice to be able to follow the techniques as you go and not just have to remember them from the website, good as that is.
I shall be snuggling up with it later too.
Can't wait to see what you create.
It's been pouring with rain here all day but thankfully no snow.


Sarah x said...

I got it too. But mine didn't arrive till today. I have tried out a few bits already & like you I had forgotten I had half the stuff until I saw Tim on QVC. Can't wait to see what you make with it.