Thursday, 24 June 2010

Caterpillars, fingerprints and hearts….

Life seems to be throwing some interesting turns at us at the moment and that means that I’ve had an abandoned blog, again.  It’s about time I shared a few things with you, don’t you think.


This wee beastie, along with a few of his pals, has taken up residence in a “bush” outside my front door.  Absolutely beautiful to look at and has a liking for the flowers, as you can see from the photo, he’s quite happily munching them away. It’s become a ritual with Rosie to look for them whenever we go out.  After searching around I’ve discovered that he doesn’t stay so exotic looking….   Such a waste don’t you think, all that finery and you get a plain brown Vapourer Moth at the end. 


In a total change of direction now, silver jewellery.  I’ve had no where near as much time to work making more jewellery as I would like, but here are two pieces to share with you.  

FP001chain This one has Jamie’s fingerprint on it, with his name and date the fingerprint was taken inscribed on the reverse.  I just love to touch it.   I have one with Rosie’s fingerprint on still waiting to be finished.  I will get to it.  If you’re interested in me doing one for you, drop me an email and I can let you have the details.

FP002 And here is a pendant that I have made.  I wear this such a lot.

DuoHearts  I’m off in a couple of weeks learning some new techniques and hopefully, if all goes well will have a couple of rings to share with you.

As for scrapping, I’ll be back again when I get a mo to take some more photo’s. I recently completed another week in the life project.  This time I thought about it much more and did loads of prep first.  I’ve also got a couple of layouts to share from up coming SBK kits.


Jackie xxx said...

WOW Vicki - these are fab. Looking forward to seeing more. xxx

Kirsti said...

I Love this silver jewellery stuff - I have toyed with trying it a few times...maybe after the summer when my last one goes to school and I have more time!!!