Wednesday, 19 January 2011

When you are running late

Getting the kids ready to get out the door in the morning is no mean feat, but it annoys me even more when my chaotic mornings are made worse by the door bell ringing.  It’s not that we have such a huge house it takes an age to get to the door, but it’s the moments standing there whilst they ask me my name, followed by how do I spell that (short term memory problems from looking at my name less than thirty seconds ago – it must be an affliction suffered only by delivery drivers), followed by sign here, are precious moments that I should be using to pull on socks or brush teeth so that I can then bundle the kids out of the door.  Still it gives me yet one more reason in my day to rant about something.  Not least, as was this morning, that fact that I then didn’t have time to open the parcel!  Arrgh.  I hate that.  I have very little patience especially when I know what’s in it.

So what was in it – this little lot to start with… Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons….dozens of them.


Don’t they almost look good enough to eat? 


I have fallen in love with the set of 15 I have, which were then topped up with some flesh colours when doing the Willowing course.  Well now I have almost every colour, admittedly only almost because they were out of stock on some colours, but that’s ok.  Why do I love them so?  They have a creamy texture and blend beautifully with acrylic paints while wet, are vibrant and so damn easy to store.   I know it seems rather excessive to buy so many but they will last me a lifetime.  I consider them an investment, just like my watercolour and inktense pencils.  Any besides, I wanted them! LOL.

I also now have a huge pot of white acrylic paint, some texture paint and a tube of interference paint to play with.  Guess who’s running out of storage space again. 


Sandra said...

I must say ... oohhh they look so gorgeous :) ... I'd be happy just to look at them LOL

Ophelia said...

Such an awesome delivery!!!! I just love these....and yes, definitely wonderful enough to eat!! Have FUN with them!!