Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Is it nearly bedtime?

Yesterday I planned to spend a good chunk of today at my desk being crafty.  All plans changed when Rosie woke up early hours complaining of tummy ache, then she called out about an hour later having been sick in bed.  Poor lamb has hardly eaten anything today and has had a lazy, half asleep day curled up under a blanket on the sofa rather than running round like a loon at pre-school.  She’s a lot better this evening but it did curb my crafty time quite considerably.

Having spent half the night either with her or listening out for her I’m more than ready for bed right now, but not before I share a quick shot of something I did start working on today.


Ahh, yes, I have cracked open some supplies at last.  This isn’t finished yet, but I will share all – including a step by step, when it’s done. 

1 comment:

Handmade Hannah said...

This looks really interesting! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. I hope your daughter feels better soon :)