Friday, 20 January 2012

works in progress

A couple of pages to share, they are both unfinished in that “it’s not done but I’m not sure I know what to do to finish it off" type not done. Although you’ll notice I have already journalled on the first page, so maybe it is done, or maybe I just don’t overly like it. I’ll look at them again soon and it will come to me.  In the meantime, here’s something to freak out the neatest amongst you….
ooooh, who works in a mess like this. ME!!  I do!!! Now do you see why I don’t do WOYWW! Hey-ho, feels quite good to have created though!


Sarah said...

That first one looks done to me. Put it where you can't see it for a day or two and then see what you think of it when you get it back out again. Usually works for me. Glad you got some messy time :)

Karenliz said...

My desk looks like that too. I have a 5"x5" spot to work on! Your pages look great. I can't wait to see them.

Scattychick said...

They are lovely and your desk resembles my dining table which is also my craft table lol

sixofone aka Leah said...

Those pages look lovely and the first one defo looks finished. And the desk, you should see mine!