Thursday, 26 April 2012

More dribbles….

You understand that all this dribbling is acrylic ink on my pages.  It’s not actually me dribbling.  I’m not that bad.



A simple painted background for this one then I got out my beloved acrylic ink to doodle and dribble.



In answer to the questions about the page I shared yesterday, the letters are indeed letter stickers.  Old BasicGrey Motifica one’s to be exact.  Now you know how long I have had them! So what are you waiting for, get all your old letter stickers out and create some texture with them.


EmmGee said...

Think 'Doodles & Dribbles' would be a good title for a blog! (I do have doodles in my title already!) I would love to see a pic of the full page though, to see the total of this work. Thanks.

Claireliz said...

That looks fantastic, great colours, can't wait to see the whole thing. Doodles & Dribbles could be a name for an online workshop...sounds fun.
C xx

Rosie said...

This is super - I was inspired to have a go by your previous "dribbly" post but have only managed one rather half hearted dribble so far ... Must try harder!

Allycat x said...

I think its healthy to dribble just as often as doodling!!!

Love the colors - are you going to share the whole page???

Shirley said...

Just love your dribbles Vicki.
Love the vibrant collours.