Wednesday, 13 June 2012

having a smashing time….

Half term, visitors and ill health have kept my creative capers at bay the last couple of week. Also why the Golden Fluid Acrylics I talked about in my last post haven’t made it on to the website yet. Normal service will resume shortly though and I will get them online!


What has happened in the last couple of weeks is a re-discovery of my Smash books. As in, I dug one out and have actually started to use it!  I haven’t scrapped for so long but it feel painless to chuck stuff in one of these books. So much so I’ve only gone and got myself some more.  I hoard everything possible, receipts, tickets, booklets and they have never made it on a layout, but it’s felt right to document the small things in life and my thoughts about them in a smash book.   Now you may ask then why do I art journal – well, my art journals are a chance for me to be creative with paints and inks. It’s not a quick process, smash is, stick and go. I’m liking that.



This week J asked me for a photo of him to put on his “Spy ID Badge” which he’d carefully cut from his magazine. I went to the photo’s on the PC and realised the latest one I had was a school photo from 18 months ago! I do have more, still on the memory cards in my camera bag. Its an indication of how long it is since I last scrapped as I was constantly, to the point of annoyance, was taking photo’s of the kids. This has been a wake up call and I am now on  mission to start recording more of our life.





Enter stage left….my collection of smash books!



I haven’t done anything with all our stuff from our family holiday to Florida last summer. Call me lazy but I really can’t be bothered to trawl through all my scrapbook papers at the moment to create layouts so I’ll use my scraps box and the large folio for that one. Its fab with pocket pages and massive envelopes scattered throughout it.  The little one is headed to Paris with us later this year.



I’m not just all about smash at the moment though.  I am playing catch up with the Circle Journal I’m in. This sneak is a piece for Shirley’s Serendipity Journal.  Not quite finished, but it’s almost there and I want to recreate it on a much larger scale in my A4 journal.   I’ve also got a page on the go in my moleskine, more dribbles!




I’m thinking this page needs an extra something now I’ve looked at it again, but I do love my dribbles.


Shirley said...

I love your dribbles too. LOL
The smash books are so tempting...........

Alix said...

wow i'm loving that pink and green together {one of my favourite all time combos} and your serendipity page looks rather fabulous too!

fatmonica said...

I love the look of your smash books!

Claireliz said...

These look lovely.
C xx