Sunday, 9 December 2012

a christmas quickie

I am not a Christmassy kinda gal, not at all, I'm more bah-humbug.  
I hate Christmas shopping. 
I like present buying, but not at the same time a million other people are dithering over what to get Aunty Mable & Great Grandpa George.  Make your mind up BEFORE you leave the house people.

I also DO NOT make Christmas cards. 
I know lots of us crafty folks appreciate what goes into handmade items, but in all honesty they are hours I will not get back, and when our house is still upside down as the loft conversion is under way, I have more things to be getting on with. 

But yes, these are Christmas cards you see before you. 
Christmas Quickies.

I've made these for the ukscrappers home page as Mary-Anne likes to have a Christmas gallery on the homepage for December, and I said I would join in. 
Yes - I did groan at myself afterwards, wondering what the heck I was going to make. 

I know this is a stupid busy time of year all round, so I thought how about some quick, bright Christmas cards.  These took minutes to make (once I had decided what to make....)

I've used acrylic ink, scraped out across the card for that artistically modern background (did you spot that...artistically modern..oh yeah). If you use pearlescent inks it make it feel more festive.

I should also add at this point - use good quality cards that will take the ink. I get mine from Inspire Me Papers, or you could make them out of watercolour paper or similar.

Let the ink dry thoroughly while you put the kettle on. 
Once you have your cup of whatever you fancy, stamp away. Mine are done with archival ink, which you must heat set afterwards especially on the pearlescent ink.

Bobs your Uncle, a Christmas Quickie! 


Psychodiva said...

I am loving these :) such a cool and simple idea- I am now going to nick it for a couple of cards :)

Arnlaug said...

Love this idea! I don't make christmas cards either, but maybe I'll try these:-)

Deborah said...

I'm a fan of simple to make Christmas cards - they often look far more effective than the overdressed over the top ones. These are fab!

Sue said...

They are great - the stamps are GORGEOUS! I make loads of Cards as i just love making cards but i have to say that my fav time of Christmas is Boxing Day :)

Gez said...

WOW! My kinda card, quick!!!
They are GORGEOUS colours.. Well Done for being on the ball!
I have to say I am thinking of cheating if I can this year and I haven't left it too late.. make one card and get it printed.. job done! ;o))

Remember to b r e a t h e Gez.xx

MiniOwner said...

These are great! Bah humbug or not. LOL
Sue x

House of Bears said...

Do you know, Bob really is my uncle! Love these cards, I spotted them on the UKS home page and forgot to bookmark them, but the helpful UKS peeps helped me find them again. I don't have alcohol inks so am going to improvise with something when I attempt them. Thanks for great inspiration.