Tuesday, 24 September 2013

ten minute tuesday..

life is quite hectic at the moment. My beloved hubby had emergency surgery at the start of last week and things have been upside down ever since. I’ve needed to temporarily close the store so that I can be his home nurse and look after him since being discharged. The house doesn’t look like a bomb has gone off, it looks more like a bombing raid has been through. We’re all exhausted, but getting through it and he’s slowly on the mend.

When we went to the hospital I had to quickly grab a bag and stuff things in it to amuse the kids. My little lady, who is an avid drawer, didn’t know where her sketch book was, so I quickly grabbed a small one for her. She didn’t use it and it ended up being my note book for a massive list of things I needed to do for hubby before he went for his surgery. I should have known what the rest of the week would be like from that point…

Anyway, at the weekend, I sat down with it and started to doodle, and I now have a bunch of pages started. I’m thinking I’ll keep it as a doodle journal. I found it really relaxing. Everyone was in bed fast asleep and I just sat in the peace and quite with a black pen and my book. 


a bird in amongst some grasses


a few leaves with some ‘flowers which I’ve now started to colour in.


I’ve split one page in to 7 parts to do a doodle a day. This is Saturday’s doodle (you might guess…)


and finally I created a “frames” page. Each frame to be filled with a little something. So far, girls, grasses and mushrooms mainly.  Oh and while I was sitting wondering what to do in one of the frames I thought I’d have a go at drawing a feather. I’m quite pleased with it. I don’t think I’ve drawn one before.  That page may become a feather page as I try different ways to draw them.

That’s my short and sweet creative burst for this week. If nothing else I may sit down each evening and if my eyes stay open long enough add to my doodles.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do share your ten minute creative bursts with me.



Gez Butterworth said...

Fabby doodling hun. Sounds like you are doing a great job at home. Keep up the good work and take good care of you too ♥♥

Sending gentle hugs to you all, Gez xx

Paula Whittaker said...

Sorry to hear about your hubs - fingers crossed he's making a good recovery now. Thinking of you all xx

BTW great pages/doodling - the feather is a smashing drawing.

Suzy said...

Hi Vicki, so sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he's on the mend now.

Doodling is very elaxing and I often go to bed early after a trying day and doodle in my art doodle love book.

I love your doodles, and love the way you have broken the page up into wee frames - much less daunting that way

Looking forward to seeing some more of your doodles

Heres my wee contribution for this week


Take care

Suzy xx

Sian said...

I'm very sorry to read this Vicki and I hope his recovery progresses well

scrappyjen said...

Great doodles. Hope all is improving with DH. Happy scrapping, jenx

Rosie said...

Inspirational doodling! Hope things are getting better every day.