Wednesday, 20 November 2013

ten minute tuesdays……

is all out of creativity. again.

Last week was just hectic with work. The weekend was spent, mainly, in the car. Firstly a drive to Newcastle to see the utterly awesome Stereophonics, and back again. Then to following morning a drive to the other side of the country to pick up the kids form the Grandparents, where they stayed so we could go and see the utterly awesome Stereophonics.

Have I mentioned they were UTTERLY AWESOME!

Monday was new stock sorting day with the arrival of Daily Grind, then my youngest was sent home sick from school. Ping back to pick up the eldest.  Today, she’s still quite unwell, bless her, and needs lots of Mummy cuddles, interrupted by a dozen boxes stuffed full of scrapbook albums arriving. So, I just haven’t managed to get my creativity on again this week.   Next week is my birthday so we will see what happens, maybe I’ll get to visit someone else's creativity for a day.



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Suzy said...

Well done on your tidying up. I love your PL embellishment storage.

Its so easy to get behind on your projects but a good feeling when you can grab some time to catch up

I have some faux gelli printing for my contribution this week