Tuesday, 2 June 2009

365 #151

After a fun drive down to pick up Chris car we all got back home with an itch to drive somewhere in it, so I suggested Whitby as it's a lovely road to take the car on. The way there was slow - lots of caravans, but once we got there the kids had a great time for a couple of hours on the beach. And yes, Rosie always wears her sunglasses like that! Jamie is a great task master, while he was deciding how to build his sand castle he sent Rosie to fetch pebbles for it, which she duly did.
After a lovely fish and chip supper we drove back home and the roads were much quieter which gave Chris a chance to really try the car out. It didn't disappoint.


deb said...

What a lovely family shot on the beach - its realy nice. Glad this new car seems better than your old one!

Karen said...

Cute photo. They look like they were enjoying themselves.