Friday, 16 October 2009

An apology

Hello folks.

Just wanted to pop on and post to say sorry for not posting. Illness has hit this house like a dose of salts recently and although I've been around on the UKS and the Scrapagogo Clubhouse, I haven't had anything to post about.

I'm hoping to be able to share a few things with you next week, including the new GoGo Celebrate CJ that I've just finished making the covers for. Outside of doing the admin side of that, I'm also sorting out an Advent Swap and getting ready for GoGoGetaway which is in two weeks time. I'm currently in photo hell for that, trawling through literally thousands of photo's to find some suitable to scrap for the 7 classes I'll be taking while there. I haven't even started the pre-getaway challenges yet, but then again I have been in bed most of this week.
Between now and then Jamie is desperate for a train ride, I have a lunch in Birmingham with friends and a Bead Fair to go to. So, no rest for the wicked as they say, and lets face it - for those of you that read my blog and know me well, I've had some wicked moments in my life. Take that how you will.
I'll announce it now, but you'll have to wait a while.... It's my "blogiversary" on December 1st. Wow, a whole year since I started to talking to nobody in particular out there is cyber space! LOL. Well, not strictly true, I started blogging to share my Journal Your Christmas. So, to celebrate the enormous support I have received for my blog I'll be doing blog candy! It will be up in November and the winner drawn on the 1st of December, so keep your eyes out for details. Sorry, but it will only be of interest to those of you who are crafters, or want to start crafting.
Right, that's it for now. Coffee is required and a return to the photo mountain.
Vicki xx

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Stephanie Parsloe said...

Glad you're feeling better now!! :)

Steph x