Monday, 30 November 2009


Oh heck, where did the time go!

I have been striving to be more organised, but the last few weeks it all feels as though it's gone very pear shaped on that front. December is about to kick in and I really need to pull my Christmas socks up (I don't have any actual Christmas socks though should you be wondering)

Right, first up I've just submitted my first set of DT work to Steph over at Indigo Mill. I was lucky enough to have the Snowy White Snow kit to work with. Here's a little sneak peek where I have also used some Prima Sultan centres. You'll find another one over on the Mill Pond and more will come over the next few weeks.

Next up - JYC 2009!!! Are you ready? We start tomorrow. I have a box ready to go, my extra page protectors have arrived so I just need to slice up that cardstock. I can't pre-plan much more than that as I discovered last year.

What else - oh yes, my crafty Advent box. A group of us on UKS are doing a swap this year, and I think just about everyone has their box of goodies ready to start opening. I found myself settling into a little routine last year around this. This years will go something like run finished, print off the JYC prompt, make a coffee, open my present for the day and read the prompt. How does that sound for a nice start to the day?
I'm off into York tomorrow - assuming the weather is kind to us, to get some more Christmas shopping done and spend the evening wrapping the kids presents. I think I'm going to need more Christmas wrap though!


Julia Dunnit said...

You sound impressivley organised to me. Am not even going to blog about my plans and progress at this stage....!

Angie said...

I went once to York and had an amazing time mouching in all the wonderful shops. Hope you had a productive and fun day.

deb said...

I like the look of that sneaky peak! Hope you have a great time in York - will Lakeland be on your shopping list - for an early present to yourself?