Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What a day....

...and it's only just begun.

I'm behind on my JYC pages, but last night I managed to get a couple more done so I am now up to prompt 13. Now all I need is some decent light to be able to take photo's of them so I can share them with you.

Yesterday I went into York to pick up some Christmas presents. It was surprisingly quiet, but as I had to rush back as we have two, yes two editions, of the school play to attend and ferry back and forth to.
Whilst in town I did manage a quick pop into Paperchase. Yay!!! York has a Paperchase store now. If you ask me it's just another in the long list of reasons to visit it. So, here I share with you a couple of cards I picked up while there. They seem to sum up my week so far perfectly!
First up Banksy. Oh how I love this guys work.

A perfect fit to my morning!

Here's hoping the day improves. I'm off out Christmas shopping again now! I must be mad....


Angie said...

Brilliant ....they made me laugh out loud. Well done for getting on with your JYC ....glad I didn't think of doing it as Mojo has gone away for a long Xmas break.

Alix said...

ha haaa my mum used to have that quote up when we lived at home!!
and the banksy picture is brilliant, isn't it!!!