Thursday, 29 July 2010

Will I, won’t I?

I’ve been creating some backgrounds in the journal I shared with you here.  I’m love creating them, but wonder if I will be able to bring myself to stick and scribble.


So far I have two absolute favourites.  This first one was done with studio paints.  The idea is that I use the light circles for the journaling, just one or two lines on each.  Have to say I’m not sure about covering the pages up with anything else yet though.


Next, using Altered Originals ink sprays from AFTH.  Oh I just love these.  I’ve had so much fun with them so far.  The stamps are Tim Holtz and Paper Artsy.


A slightly more subdued page next.  If you’re looking hard you’ll notice that that’s the alphabet and yes, it is meant to be upside down.  I haven’t posted the photo the wrong way round…LOL.

For this one I stamped on the alphabet using some sassafras stamps, then painted over it.  After that I smooched some gesso across the whole page using an old credit card. Once dry I liberally sprayed the page with granite ink and let it soak into the area’s where the gesso hadn’t covered and then wiped it off.


And a few more.  I won’t talk you through all of them, but these pages use stencils, stamps, more ink, dabbers, studio paints and gesso, and a whole lotta fun.

When I get brave enough I’ll come back and show you the before and after (hoping that you’ll be interested to see them!)


Enfys said...

Pretty pages! I have seen a few of these journals around and wondered what they were for.

Tinkertaylor said...

Fab pages they all look stunning looking forward to seeing what you do with them

Lesley said...

Beautiful pages.

Angie said...

Great back grounds ... not sure which is fav but cant wait to see them finished .... I've only got as far as a