Friday, 3 September 2010

So good so far!

I'm keeping up!  OK - so it's only day two but that's good given my track record with these things.

Yesterdays lesson then.  "There is no adult space in this house".  I was merrily minding my own business, happy in the knowledge that the TV was switched off (for a change), and I could hear no bickering.  The joyous sound of my two playing happily together was ringing through the house.  I then realised the sound wasn't coming from it's usual place, i.e. their bedrooms.

Our bedroom door was closed. O-Oh. 

I opened it to find Rosie rolling round on the bed, Jamie sitting in a moses basket (one that's usually home to Rosie's soft toys and in her bedroom) and our carpet transformed into a toy factory.  

My question is this... Did you ever dare go in your parents bedroom?  I know I didn't, and Chris didn't.  It was a sacred place, an adult only space.  You didn't play in it. If you were lucky you may have sneaked in the occasional bounce on their bed, but generally it was off limits.  Even now as adults it seems wrong to go in your parents bedrooms.  So how did this happen? The kids have taken over and we need to reclaim our space.  I don't think it's going to be a tear free affair.  Wish us luck!!


Jhayboy said...

Fingers cross for you gaining back your space...

I do know that feeling...sometimes I feel like my youngest has moved in with me...

ohhhh the feeling of JUST MY SPACE..

P.S. - I do remember playing in my parents room, but it was for short periods and we dare not leave it in a state..

Cute pic hon, I know there will be tears on the battle front.. Do let us know how you are getting on..


Dawn Cheshire said...

I know what you mean, we always had to ask permission to go in our parents room and we were only really allowed if one of them was in there.
My step-daughter has been known to go snooping around our room and it really bugs me, like you said it's your private space. She hates it if i go in her room even to tidy a little.

natasha said...

Love your second page Vicki, I really like the way you are using a tag on each page, can't wait to see the finished 30 ;)

As for the 'lesson' you learn't, no I never went in my parents room when I was little, only after I asked. Now, I am an adult still living at home, I do go into Mum's room but only when she is home/in it =)

Keep creating =)

secret scrapbooker said...

Really like how your pages are looking :0)
I have four kids so get the no adult space lol.
Kate x

Jimjams said...

100% agree that the parental bedroom used to have a mystique that has now disappeared. Good luck with reclaiming some territory!

Jenny said...

Oh! Best of luck hun! Love the pages.

Debsg said...

I know the feeling! Good luck.

Rosie said...

Um ... er ... good luck with that! I remember that feeling so well - all I wanted was to have a bath BY MYSELF! Fabulous journal page.

Claireliz said...

I too live in a toy factory (one that looks like its exploded!) good luck getting your space back, love the page

scrappyjacky said...

Don't remember being allowed in my parents room unless they were there...certainly would never have played in times change.
I love how your album is developing...and interesting lessons.