Friday, 8 October 2010


Oh Lordy, like life isn’t complicated enough.  I thought I’d use Windows Live Writer for this post as it’s often quicker than using blogger….  not today.  An update is available… Why or why did I just not say “good for you!” and ignore it?  Twenty minutes later and much faffing, I finally get to use it. Oh and MS – I prefer the old version.  Do you think that’s just my age and the increasingly sense of disliking change creeping in, or more of a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it attitude?

Anyhow…. finally to share with you the second page I have completed this week.  This is a sad little page recording how much I hate Sundays now as it’s the day Chris has to pack his bag and get ready for a week away.  Just one of those pages where I had to get it off my chest before it burst (do you feel sorry for me yet?  sniffle)

miss you

Yes, I know my writing ran out of painted lines, but I needed to write and lack of lines wasn’t going to change that. Plus, I don’t care and that is one of the many reasons i have taken to art journaling – it just doesn’t matter.

I also know I’m not the only person who’s beloved works away, and I’m lucky that he’ll be home for two weeks over Christmas, he was home for most of August, and it was great to have all that time as a family.  It was like Sunday morning every day.  Maybe I’ve been spoilt this summer and that’s why it makes it harder now.

Ho-hum, life goes on.  I feel the need for a good cuppa now.

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Sian said...

It's a fantastic page and I now what you mean about updates. Why do they have to keep fiddling with things?!

Crums said...

I dislike updates the dilemma is 'how long will it take?'. As far as things are always changing you should see it from where I am standing! Your art journal page looks very creative and don't worry its good to have a moan now and again better than getting headache from bottling it up. Try to look at the positives 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'? Have a good week, Kate

natasha said...

Lovely page vicki, I love the fact that you didn't have enough lines. I think your doodles/boarders are fab, it certainly frames the page. Cute graphic too... thanks for sharing :)

Rosie said...

This is such a real, heartfelt page. I do believe it helps to write this kind of stuff down, it seems to reduce the negative power of it somehow? Sending you a HUG.