Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just can't concentrate!

It's driving me nuts that I can't seem to concentrate on a blooming thing at the moment.  Never mind restless legs from running, I have restless everything from being on holiday and am seriously struggling to get back into it, and worse sort myself out for Christmas.  I have half idea's for projects running round in my head, a pile of presents to buy and make, food shopping to do and a house to sort out.  I've even walked past the post box a dozen time with a huge pile of Christmas cards in my bag and forgotten to post them .  I'm panicking and that means I come to a full stop!  Not the best really.

So this very quick and probably dull post, is to apologise for the lack of blogging taking place.  I have crafted for my crop, I have tons of photo from New York along with tales of parades and sparkly rings (twas a very special 40th) and I have created layouts for an upcoming guest DT spot,  I will share these things with you soon.  That is as soon as I have sorted myself out and feel properly back in the grove!  Until then thanks for stopping by.  Normal service will resume in January!  Promise.

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Jackie xxx said...

Take it easy, Vicky. Looking forrward to seeing your creativity in the New Year, esp. your New York pics.