Saturday, 26 March 2011

bathing suit beauty


Planning a holiday comes with it’s frustrations and worries when it’s the first time the smallest people in your house will be going abroad, and you plan on taking them on a long flight.  It will be fine I’m sure it will.  There is no reason that it wouldn’t be.  In the meantime I create this page in my A4 journal to put some of those thoughts down on.


You can just about see how this page has been constructed.  Firstly I stamped the whole page in black with a sassafrass alphabet, the covered it with several layers of paint, the last being the gorgeous mustard Dylusions paint. 


I’ve then added scraps of patterned papers to lift and bring a more vibrant colour into play on the page, then topped it off with some Tim Holtz film strip. Problem is I am so pleased with how it’s turned out I haven’t written on it yet!


Dragonfly said...

Fantastic page, great vintage center image and all the different layers.

Ophelia said...

Gorgeous page!!!

Sarah said...

You'll be amazed at how well the kids will cope with a long haul flight - little ones are usually much better flyers than grown ups. Just make sure to take them plenty of snacks and drinks, and stuff to stop them getting bored (not sure exactly how old they are, but colouring/activity books usually go down well, Nintendo DS if they are old enough, etc).

And this page is great! you're right, that mustardy colour, which would never be my first choice if I was browsing a paint shelf in a shop, is really effective.

As is the fact that you've used just one main colour, I always over-busy my backgrounds by using 2 or 3 colours....I might try it your way one day and see how I get on....

I love the way you've used the patterned paper too. I have boxes full of the blinking stuff but hate using it (unless it's 99% obliterated with gesso and paint).

I must try to be more adventurous!