Tuesday, 25 October 2011

artists in waiting…?

IMG_0128     IMG_0129 

As it’s half term here I have a bunch of plans for the kids this week to keep them occupied.  At the weekend I popped into The Works and picked up a bunch of canvasses – 4 5”x7” for £1.99!  Be rude not to really. 

In a bid to be a bit more relaxed about relaxed about it (I watch them like a hawk when they paint – I hate the mess…I know worlds most messy crafter!) I even let them loose with my supplies. Yep, out came the baskets of paint dabbers and the neocolour II crayons.  Guess what somebody wants for Christmas now.  Both of the kids loved the neocolours.


The plan is to hang them all up on a blank wall in the kitchen and start a canvas gallery of their work.  We have some from when they were really little in nice frames.  Jamie took his inspiration from the house and below, the garden.  Rosie is more abstract in her approach, but I love them all and we had a fabulous time.  Jamie has even declared he’d like to be an artist when he grows up…  ahhh, I can live in hope!



Sarah said...

Great work Rosie and Jamie!

Angie said...

Bless them ...love the gallery idea.
Get a plastic decorating sheet and put it under the area they are painting in ...that will save your floors ...then just chill and enjoy. xx