Saturday, 8 October 2011

I’m at it again

yep, cries of abandoned blog!  Sorry about that, I just seem to be busy at the moment.  Not so busy there are not enough hours in the day, but busy enough to mean that the ole blog has been ever so slightly abandoned.  Because of that I have made the decision to “abandon blog” for the shop, and just use this blog.  So, for those of you not interested in what’s happening with the shop, I apologise.  My aim is not to turn this into a blog all about the shop, but I will announce special offers and share my general excitement of new stock (finally) arriving when it does.  I just figure it will be easier to manage from one blog, with all the Facebook updates as well.


So, it is my great pleasure to announce that we now have gift vouchers!  yay!  You can find all the info and how to buy and spend them here.  All I’m going to mention is that you don’t have to spend them in one go either, we’ll keep track of the balance for you until you’ve used them all up.

Ok, for now I need to be getting on with life and family stuff, then a huge pile of creative books to read, and a project or two to be getting on with. 

Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are!

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Angie said...

Your shop is looking great ...enjoyed a browse ...hope trade is good xx