Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hip Hip Horray!

card from  Print for  Love of Wood on Folksy.


Last year I was whisked off to New York and taken to Tiffany's on 5th Avenue for the big 40. 5 days in what has to be my second favourite city.  My favourite being York.  Such different places but both make me smile. Luckily we live close to York and I have a full weekend spending time with my lovely husband and kids. My week started with a bouquet of flowers being delivered to me every day.  Then a weekend where I spent a Friday with just the two of us, lunch at my favourite restaurant in York with a spot of Christmas shopping along Stoneygate (home to Kath Kidston, the Teddy bear shop, The White Stuff and numerous other places pulling at your purse strings). Then it’s family time with a trip to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas (the kids haven’t stopped asking to go and see it since they saw the trailer for it) and dinner in the form a of Chinese meal.  And finally, a trip to Whitby to take in the sea air – the cold biting air I might add and , more food, fish & chips.  I loved every minute of it.


YorkshireKaren said...

Sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend too! We have a caravan near Easingwold, and York is definitely our favourite city. Stonegate is definitely the best street, although a very expensive one as our DD insists on visiting Jack Wills every time we go!

Rosie said...

Now that sounds wonderful ... especially the fish and chip part! I love York too, and might even retire there (if we can afford it).