Tuesday, 1 May 2012

a gentle reminder…

was all it took.   Thanks Ally!

So many of you have asked me to share the whole page from my last dribbly page.  Sorry, I forgot, been caught up in lots of shop stuff since. I haven’t even picked up a tube of paint since.  Well, here it is…although sharing it now is making me think it needs something else.  Think I’ll whack some black around the edge.  What do you think?



What I do think though is that the left hand one looks like a monkey hanging out of a tree!


Shirley said...

LOL at the idea of the monkey hanging out of the tree.
That is what I love about dribbles, you can see alsorts of things in them!
I think the page is perfect as it is.

Allycat x said...

Love the page but not sure I can see a monkey! Lol