Thursday, 3 May 2012

fed up with my dribbles yet?



I now have a little section in my journal filled with dribbly pages. For now I’m enjoying them.





Ali said...

don't think I know what dribbles are but the pics are fabulous - such rich colours.

Shirley said...

I just enjoy coming here and seeing your dribbles, you are always so inventive with them. These look brilliant.

Pam said...

Love how the black makes things pop.

Rosie said...

No I REALLY like your dribbles - its mine in sincere imitation which aren't pleasing me ... must order some black from you, maybe that's what the problem is?

vixen said...

Loving your Dribbles, they are really eye catching :)

Allycat x said...

You've even tempted me to have a go at dribbling with all this dribbling that's going on! So keep calm & dribble on!!!