Monday, 6 August 2012


We're back, have been for a few days. I've had enough Disney to last me until I'm 70 now...and no, I'm not 69...far from it.  However adjusting to a Newcastle accent after we landed and stopped for dinner on the way home, after listening to a French one took some doing. I swear the guy in the restaurant thought I was a bit simple LOL. Still got to see the Angel of the North again, if only passing by. 

Since getting back I've been stupid busy catching up with post holiday trauma (aka dirty washing and chores) store orders, admin, arranging deliveries, uploading new stock to the store, and working on some creative projects to be shared at a later date. I'm almost up to date now so fingers crossed I'll get some me play time soon as long as the kids allow it. Not that I'm counting down to when the kids go back to school, or trying to get the Grandparents to have them for a few days during the week..... but really...September.  Wonder how quickly we could move up to Scotland...?

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