Monday, 8 October 2012

a little adventure…



A little while ago, over on Collabor-ART, I signed up to do a Pairs Journal with the incredibly talented Palma, and after a mahooosive fight with my sewing machine I have finally made my journal. I know I could have used a ready made one, but I see this as a chance to play and try something new. So, one piece of canvas, a selection of different papers in different sizes and a good dollop of swearing, here it is!  I’m now just keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it Palma in one piece.  If it doesn’t survive I’ll just have to rebind it. No biggy but I’d love it to stay in one piece.


I’m really looking forward to seeing this journal evolve over the coming months, or however long it is until we’ve finished. The idea is that you work on each others pages, so I’ve started mine off with a few backgrounds.


The backgrounds above and below have been started off using Gelli Plates. I really want more time to play with these.



And this one is a stencil – one of my favourites at the moment.


And finally the front of the journal.   No closure on it as yet as I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, or restrict how thick it gets. I may work on the cover some more when I next see it, or Palma is welcome to work on the cover if she so chooses.


Virginia said...

Wow that's gorgeous before it starts its adventure can't wait to see how it develops!

MiniOwner said...

How gorgeous is that?!
Sue x

Claireliz said...

That is stunning, love the stencil & colours on the cover.
C xx

Claudia Hemmings said...

That is gorgeous. I'd love to get into using textiles but I've never learned how to use a sewing machine.