Tuesday, 16 October 2012

catching up...

I seem to be constantly behind on something at the moment. Never quite catching up on all the jobs that need to be done.  BUT, I am getting there and I have some, now, very tight deadlines.  Evidence part one above, a sneak of some mail art I have made, all it's waiting for it to me to address it and pop it in the post!

And look.... Can you see that, decidedly scrappy if you ask me! Another project completed. Just a peek though for now. Secret squirrel work and all that. 

The next job on the list is to review a book for Waterstones.  This has had to wait a little while until I got my new funky specs. Ahh, and now the text is clear.  I do need to get a shimmy on though as the book is due in stores in a couple of weeks and I am the worlds SLOWEST reader!  I'm saying that but I can rattle through John Grisham books quite quickly so it's time I put down my current book and read through this one and got the review written and submitted. 

I once worked for someone who said I like to work to the JIT Methodology - Just-In-Time. That has to be THE most accurate statement anyone has ever said about me, but with all these deadlines and builders due in very soon I really do need to catch up.  
Wish me luck!! 


Sue said...

ooo like the look of No 2 !

Emilie said...

I really can't wait to see those projects in full! They look like they are going to be gorgeous!!!

Allycat x said...

Wishing you luck!
You can always send me the book, I love John Grisham books!

Rosie said...

Tantalising glimpses of art here ... and isn't there always something you HAVE to do before you can sneak off and play? Still reading a new book doesn't count as "work" does it?