Sunday, 4 November 2012

creativity for creativities sake

Sometimes I need to get out, away from the kids and the housework and make time in a different environment to create just for the sake of it.

 This huge canvas, roughly 3 foot square, is now hanging on a spare wall in the family room. A spot of brightness to look at while I'm in the kitchen popping the kettle on. 

I created this piece with Ms Dyan in her studio in Harrogate. Always a great place to escape to and creatively recharge. Sadly at the moment I can't get to my paints and whatnot as the loft is being converted and everything that was in the loft is now stacked up in the spare room where all my gear is. That and I have so much work to do I don't really get time to create much for myself.

You cannot imagine how much I want the loft finished so I can uncover my desk. I'm hoping to that I'll get round to making another couple of canvases in a similar style once it's all done to hang in the room that will be our new office. The whole house is upside down at the moment, and the drive has been taken over with huge piles of wood and a skip. Work starts in earnest tomorrow to cut out all the trusses...and here's me with a banging head cold. Ha! This should be fun!! 


Angie said...

That canvas is amazing the colours. xx

fatmonica said...

Orange and purple-my favourite combination.It's a stunning background!

Sue said...

gorgeous colours

Claireliz said...

This is stunning Vicki.
C xx

Michelle Webb said...

Awesome Vicki, I love your canvas you did with Dyan. Well done you. I wonder if I have seen you at AFTH? My order came today and you asked me to let you know when it arrived. So I'm letting you know. Love your blog, and your journal pages are cool. I'm following you now too. Thanks for the love heart sweets xx Michelle x