Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ten minute tuesday #4

Good morning and welcome. 

How have you got on this last week?  Manage to squeeze in any 10 minute slots of creativity amongst the chaos of life in general.  I thought my chance was going to go out of the window after discovering I needed to redecorate the stairs and landing.  Good old Dulux Mixing.  Great, but not when you get one pot from one place with a manual mixer... yeah, I know you know where it's going. Needless to say, that one store won't be getting my Dulux Mixer business! I'd rather do the hour trip to B&Q. 

In one way it's meant I've had a paint brush in my hand for more than ten minutes this week.  Just not sure I'd class it as being creative.  And after that little moan, I'll move along... 

My creative flirts this week are in my art journal again. This one is a nano flirt. 
Why nano? Because, if I'm honest (and clearly I'm about to be), this page was already sitting in my journal.  It's one of my mop up pages. You know, the flipped stencil and ink spray job, except I clearly also sprayed on to it. I don't really do mop up very well. 

I found a butterfly in my 'basket of bits', and stuck him on. I then spent ten minutes wading through piles of stamps trying to find a little something that went with it. 

some splats.... gotta have some splats.. 

I think what I like most about this page is its limited colour palette and the amount of white space that there is.  Oh, and circles.. Love circles and dots. Might have to do another page like this at some point. 

So, there we have it from me for this week. Dribbles, circles, stamps and using up one of those ancient mop up pages tucked away in my art journal. Simple. 

The stamp is from Donna Downey's Advent set for those of you who might be interested. 
 As is this one. 

Thanks for stopping by and if you're joining in don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can see where your creative ten minutes has taken you this week. 

Happy Creating!


Suzy said...

I love this page Vicki, the colour palette is fab and I do like the white space.

I love that quote stamp

Jennie Atkinson said...

That really made me smile! What a lovely page.

Paula Whittaker said...

loving the page/lo and loving those stamps!

Emy said...

Gorgeous page - a very creative 10 minutes!

Lesley G said...

Great page and I adore those little quotes :)

Suzy said...

Have.remembered to.blog mine, not a very exciting one this week lol