Tuesday, 9 April 2013

ten minute tuesdays #3

Welcome and good evening. 

We took a break over Easter and last week to recharge and spend time with the kids and each other. And a jolly welcome break it was too!  As is typical though I fell ill during this and have suffered with the worse ear pain i have ever had in my life. Searing pain, total loss of hearing at times and vertigo. A hot cloth, bed rest, bucketfuls of painkillers and on one day a straight 12 hour sleep. 

Creativity took a back seat.  

I still have some hearing problems and am popping the painkillers like smarties. But hey, such is life. 

Today has been a hellishly busy day as it was my first day back to work.  Lots and lots of orders and emails to go through.  I'm making progress though.  While I was nagging the kids to pick up their toys and brush their teeth in readiness for bedtime I popped to my desk and grabbed my art journal. And splodged for ten minutes. This is what came of it. 

It has way more yellow on it that I had intended but I'm still getting used to using Golden Fluid Acrylics. 
I've used one of my favourite techniques of pulling the paint. It works a treat with these paints, as long as you move quick. 

This is round one. It feels like it needs more white, but hey that's for the next ten minutes I get to play. I know that this piece isn't going to be to everyone's taste, but I'm not aiming to create finished pieces in ten minutes. The idea is to just play for ten minutes, at a time. Right now that's as much as I can manage, but these short bursts feel good. Slap a bit of paint around, make a few marks, build on pieces. 

Right I have a hot date with my next round of tablets, and a desire for a nice cuppa. Don't forget to leave me a link to your ten minute tuesday posts. I love having a nose at what you're up to!


Emy said...

It looks like you had a fun 10 minutes! I particularly like how the white dots pop on the page :)

Jennie Atkinson said...

Wow you did that in 10 mins!!!! Such bold colours it looks fabulous. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Suzy said...

I love the colours in your background. Cant wait to see how this one turns out

Sorry for being so late this week - its been one of those weeks! Heres my post http://suzycad.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/ten-minute-tuesday-on-thursday.html

Suzy said...

Here is my page from.my Tuesday post finished. Im not very happy with it but its a learning curve I guess


Suzy said...

Just in case anyone wants to see my finished page from Tuesdays 10 minute background