Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ten minute tuesday...erm on wednesday.

Good afternoon! 

A little late, but here I am. Sadly I have nothing much to report creatively this week. My time when I've been at my desk has been sorting and cleaning brushes. I am so bad at looking after my stuff.  Brushes sit forever in jars of water. I've been lucky in that so far I haven't totally wrecked them, which is probably why it's a habit I find hard to kick. 

I guess this week has been more about prep. I've purchased some credits (on offer) at Photobox and my next job to start wading through a gazillion photo's to get some ordered. Then maybe I can do more Project Life pages, or even scrap our holiday from two years ago. 

Let be honest, even ten minutes needs some sort of prep before you get results.  Hopefully, even though I'm suffering from halftermitis this week I'll have something to show for all my prep next week. 

Until then... Happy Creating!


Suzy said...

Hi Vicki. At least you have been doing something. Im also bad at cleaning brushes but having lost some of my cheapo ones due to this Ive now purchased a half decent set and so far so good keeping them clean.

I think even if you are only having a clear out its still ten minutes well spent because then when you get some free time you will be all ready to go.

Looking forward to seeing some scrapping once you get your photos then

Here is my wee offering for this week

Jennie Atkinson said...

Still a great 10 mins!

Great tip for brushes from my artist friend is to wash them in fairy liquid then rub in hair conditioner and rinse. Even brushes you thought you had lost come up brilliantly! It is the hair conditioner that does it.