Tuesday, 4 June 2013

ten minute tuesdays...

hello there and welcome to this weeks ten minute tuesday. 

I'm feeling a little bit more focused creatively this week and am finding inspiration in anythimg from pinterest to bed linen. So many creative thoughts running round my head, shame I've been up to my eyeballs in decorating.... again.  I'm really begining to think that 2013 will become known as "The Year We Decorated" 

Part of my creative yearning this week has also come from two books I'm currently 'flick-reading', which in my case means opening at a random page, looking at it, making oooh and ahhh sounds, then working backwards to the front of the book.  No idea why I do this, but this is what I do with 'creative' books, and magazines come to think of it. 

Anyway I witter on... 

The books that are helping my head spin with more ideas....

Brave Intuitive Painting  by Flora Bowley (I love this woman's work). This is my eye candy book if I'm honest, for now. I love to just flick and make more ooooh sounds than normal. 

The second book, which yes, I am reading backwards. No idea, I simply can't explain it, so yes ou may remain with that puzzled look upon your face at the very idea of it. The book is... Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen & Julie Prichard.  I will confess to not having heard of, or looked up these ladies, but I will be. Soon. 

If you're interested in mixed media, treat yourself to the latter. It's a cracking little book and has remained by the bed for secret escape from the kids moments during half term. 

Now then, while I have been pondering and decorating I've been popping backwards and forwards to my journal, so here are my short bursts, culminating in a finished page.  The whole thing took me a couple of hours. I hated it at first.  Such is life! 

This one started with image transfers...  a great one for ten minutes! 

 and then paint layers... ooh so frustrating. It was all feeling a bit 'meh' at this point. 
I went pinning for relief from the frustration and it worked. 

more simple flowers... well I'm calling them flowers. Collaged with really old 7Gypsies papers. The basic shapes were drawn with black fluid acrylic.  I didn't want to change my mind! 

Once the gel medium was thoroughly dry I went round the 'flowers' with charcoal and smudged it out, then added some rub on words, a little stamping and doodling and Ta dah!!!!  Finished with a happy face on me (for a change). This page makes my heart sing. Right now I am loving what I'm doing.  Next month I may look and wonder what the feck I was thinking.  Enjoy the moment! 

please do share your creative ten minutes, be it preparation, inspiration or perspiration. 

Until next time I bid you happy creating! 


Suzy said...

Funny I always read magazines and non fiction. Books like that too. Glad it's not just me.

Absolutely love the way your page has turned out, and the flowers are lush. it's fascinating seeing all the different stages. My problem is that I just can't see the end through the disaster I start with lol. Here's my wee contribution . http://suzycad.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/ten-minute-tuesday.html?m=1

Here's my contribution for the week

Here's my contribution fornthis week

Katherine (sutty) said...

Beautiful I love all those colours :)

Gez Butterworth said...

Love, LOVE, loving your artwork Vicki ♥♥

Enjoy your books, hope your arms aren't too sore xx

Ophelia said...

You have such amazing work!!! I love this! I will visit often.