Tuesday, 8 October 2013

ten minute tuesday…

it's still a little crazy around here. Mostly I've been doing secret squirrel stuff and getting creatively frustrated with myself. Given myself a few stern tellings off, or bollockings as I like to call them. Creativity and I are not getting along so well at the moment. Hopefully we’ll be friends again soon.

When I get like that, and I know I'm doing it, I just have to take a step back, or two, maybe even three and do something else. As a completely disorganised person my best cure is organising myself so while I was at it I wanted to share this little treasure with you. 

My project life notebook.

OK, I know that like a lot of you I can be known to erm, collect notebooks, BUT Noooo - I don't do the whole multicoloured by a fancy filofax thing, or have folders with PL layouts sketched out. That is just overkill – to me.  Might be your thing but I just want to keep daily notes.   Quick simple note or quotes from the day. Some days I have nothing to say at all! Imagine that…
Its B6 sized (125mm x 175mm) so perfect for shoving in your bag if you travel. It has 17 weeks of, well, weeks in it so no big bulky diary to carry with you. Perfect travelling companion if you ask me. Another of the things I love about it is it’s dateless. As you can see I only really decided that if I was ever going to complete ANY project life pages I needed to keep notes, so this one was started in August.  You can also get a little cover to slot it in to if you so wish and you could use one side to collect all your bits and bots.
 Inside 3
I am so impressed with it that I have just ordered a larger diary from the same range for work. And I’d like a huge pile of the note pads too if I’m honest.

If you like the look of it, it’s by Katy & June and I got mine here from Bureau Direct. I so so LURVE that store.  Great clear website, and waaay too much stationery goodness to be tempted into buying.  Sign up to their email and you get 10% off the first week of the month. If you love stationery as I do, getting the emails is not a chore.

Right, that’s it for me. I’ve had more deliveries today that I haven’t even opened yet. No rest for the wicked eh – or me!


Suzy said...

hope things settle down for you soon and you have time for your lovely creations. I've had a dry spell recently too.

I keep my notes for my aj calendar on inkpad app on my phone but it's not as satisfying as having a shiny new notebook to write in

here's my wee contribution


fatmonica said...

It's a great idea for a notebook and it looks good too!