Thursday, 8 January 2009

365 #8 and a diffferent girl

365 #8, something else from my home, but what? Not its not a huge ball of string that I have cunningly lit, but a light shade with the light switched on which give it a lovely warm glow.

As you can see Rosie's chicken pox have really taken hold now. Her scalp is absolutely full of spots and she's starting to show signs that it's bothering her.


Minty Magic said...

Oh poor little cutie!!! Have you tried Piriton - it is meant to be fantastic. You can get it in liquid form. Although my DH thought you had to rub it on and not take it orally ;-)

kikimama said...

Poor sweetie! Love the glow in the top picture too.

Ayesha said...

i have a light shade like that hehe they are fab arent they... ah bless im glad your lil one is getting better now