Wednesday, 20 May 2009

365 #140

It was Rosie's 2nd birthday today, and as is tradition we have a family day out. We chose the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. It was fairly quiet except for a school trip. It was a farm, but they have expanded and have things like a Wallaby walkabout where we got up close with a Wallaby and Lima Woodland. The kids had a great day and I even managed some photographs. We'll definitely go back there, especially with the promise of Lions next year, but in the meantime they'll be having some Zebra's soon. I think it's a great place especially if you have younger children.
It's Jamie's birthday in July and he has decided we should go to Chester Zoo as he loves elephants, and go back here. Could be a busy day....!


Minty Magic said...

Great photo - no spitting I hope.

deb said...

What a fantastic photo - its brilliant!

joanold said...

He looks so haughty! He's wonderful.