Wednesday, 27 May 2009

365 #147

I have mixed feelings today. These are the keys to Chris' SLK. A great fun car to drive, and fabulous when we have a kid free weekend and the sun is shining.
Later on I'm off to drop off the log book and spare key to the dealership. We have had nothing but problems with it when ever it's gone in for an MOT and the level of post sales customer service is absolutely shocking, certainly not what you would expect from such a company. Mercedes have now had the car for two weeks and still haven't fixed the problem, or offered us a courtesy car. So we've decided to get rid and never set foot in a Mercedes showroom again and they have agreed to buy it from us. Well, if they can't fix it it's no good to us, it's drivable but not road legal.
Now all we're waiting for is our new insurance certificate so we can go pick up our new car! Now that I am really excited about, whats more it's from a company with an impeccable record for reliability and service.
Be gone with you Mercedes-Benz, never to darken my door again.


deb said...

What a shame everything about Mercedes had been poor for you - but I love the angle of this photo.

Linda said...

sad story about the Mercedes, but Good luck with the new car! When do you get it? Will you take a photo?

joanold said...

Hope all goes well with the new car.

Karen said...

Good luck with the new car.

Minty Magic said...

Jo I had a Mercedes and I can only agree with you 100% about their poor customer service. We have a Mazda now and you cannot fault them at all.
Sorry for your bad luck but hope you enjoy the new car!!!